Sodexo USA, What’s for Lunch (and Why it Matters…)

Client: SODEXO Project: What’s for Lunch (and Why it Matters…) Agency: DEBRAIN, a LeadDog Marketing Group division Description: Infographics Stop ...

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No Longer Empty, presents: HOW MUCH DO I OWE YOU? A personal and conversational exploration into the new iterations of ...


Manon Slome from No Longer Empty

DËBRAIN presents: “Profiles of interesting people” An interview with Manon Slome, founder and curator of No Longer Empty a public art organization in New ...


FX, The Americans

Client: FX Project: The Americans Description: Cold War Era Soviet Submarine Display LeadDog Marketing Group, Inc. В® 2013


Coco MoCA – Time Lapse

12 hours in 1 minute, time lapse installation of the NY COCO MoCA, The Museum Of Conan Art at the ...


CLIF Bar – Meet The Moment

CLIF Bar wanted to launch an integrated marketing campaign to introduce the brand to a broader audience. We developed the ...


A Look Inside LeadDog

LeadDog Familiy Series Present: A Look Inside LeadDog: An Anthropological Study A quick look into the LeadDog community, featuring the ...

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Amtrak – National Train Day 2013

Client: AMTRAK Project: National Train Day 2013 DГ‹BRAIN 2013


Oprah, LYBL Weekend 2010

Client: Oprah LYBL Weekend 2010 Place: Times Square, NYC – ABC Super Sign Billboard Graphic Design: DEBRAIN CREW Motion Graphics: ...


MoMA – SyFy Upfront 2010

Client: SyFy Place: MoMa -В Museum of Modern Art (NYC) Agency: Debrian, a LeadDog Marketing Group division Art Direction: Federico Gomez ...


Amtrak – See More on a train

Visual essay of what train traveling in America means, looks like and feels. Created by DEBRAIN and LeadDog Marketing Group ...


Speak Justice: Voices against Impunity

For more information about this project, go to:В Client:В CPJ Project:В Speak Justice Agency: DГ‹BRAIN, a division of LeadDog Marketing Group, Inc. ...

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Summer Streets 2013 – PSA

Perhaps becoming now an iconic New York event, Summer Streets is the city’s largest “green” initiative. DËBRAIN was able to showcase our ...


Intel, CES 2012 Spotlight video

Intel asked us to create an intro video for the INTEL’s — Spotlight speakers at CES 2012 (Las Vegas) based ...


The Nature Conservancy – All Hands On Earth, Picnic Campaign – UNPLUG 4 THE EARTH

• PRODUCTION • SOUND DESING • VIDEO Client: The Nature Conservancy Project: All Hands On Earth, Picnic Name: Unplug 4 ...


CHIPOTLE BOOTH @ NY Wine and Food Festival 2012

The DEBRAIN team designed this booth for Chipotle’s space at the NY Wine and Food Festival. Check out how we ...


SyFy, Upfront 2012 – Time Lapse

Pink dinosaurs?  A purple whale? Sounds like a fantasy? It was. DËBRAIN designed Syfy’s Upfront, a media-buying party, for media ...


Alterecho, Doing well while doing good

Client: AlterEcho Art Direction: Catalina Torres Design: Rachael Fry Motion Graphics: Eloisa Iturbe Music: Nicolas Ulloa Agency: DEBRAIN 2009

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 5.44.33 PM

SyFy Upfront 2013 // Interactive Wall

Interactive wall installation for the SyFy Upfront 2013. Client: SyFy Project: Interactive wall //////////////////////////// Art Direction by Gaspar Guerra Creator ...


Dan Paluska dГ‹brained

DEBRAIN presents: “Profiles of interesting people” An interview with Dan Paluska, our good friend told us a little about his work ...

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